Friday, 14 December 2012


Hi Everyone - happy Friday!

Yes, yes, I'm back already - here to direct you to the guest post that I wrote for the lovely Lucy Coat's Scribble City Central blog, in which I discuss the mythical Japanese creatures known as Yokai, and go into my inspiration for The Name of the Blade Trilogy.

In addition, Lucy - who cunningly charmed a PDF of the as yet unproofread book out of my publisher - gives The Night Itself its very first review! And says lovely, lovely things about that make me want to do cartwheels.

Check it out now!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Hi everyone - happy Tuesday to you all. Today I'm writing a post that I'm pretty sure no one is going to want to read, but I've been wrestling with it for the past couple of weeks goes.

I go through different phases with my blogging. Sometimes I have so much to say that it's a struggle to hold myself back to two posts a week. Sometimes I get a great idea and come up with one really decent post in a week and then find the tank empty - and thank heavens for Retro-Thursday/Tuesday! And sometimes - more rarely - I just struggle to come up with any time or attention for the blog at all. When that happens I know that the blog suffers and feel horribly guilty about it.

I've been going through one of those latter phases for about a fortnight now. It's been a fight to come up with interesting blog topics, but even when people on Twitter helped me out and made suggestions or asked questions, I didn't seem to be able to make anything substantial from them. Right now, just writing this, I'm grumbling and moaning as if I was back in school trying to come up with an answer for a particularly tricky exam question. It's not flowing, and I'm not having fun.

Maybe it's because I'm starting Book #3 of The Name of the Blade and there's a lot of anxiety and stress in my head. Maybe it's because things are going on with my dad at the moment - he's going into hospital for a heart operation this week - and I need to be there for him and my mum. Maybe it's just because everything's dark and cold and some instinctive part of me wants to hibernate.

In the past I've struggled through these dry periods, posting as usual, and trying not to face the fact that the quality of the blog has dropped. But this time I don't want to do that. As I've said above, it makes me feel guilty, and then that takes what little fun is left out of the process. So I've decided to try something different.

A blog hiatus. A proper one. Not a one week break from the blog while I'm on a deadline or on holiday, like I've done before, but a temporary stop in blogging activity which I think is going to carry me through Christmas and up to the New Year.

I'll still pop my head above the parapet and post if something important occurs to me to say. I'll update you if I get any exciting news. But other than that I'll be giving the blog a complete rest, and the regular posting schedule will not be followed.

I'm hoping that if I do this, by the time the 1st of January rolls around, I will have a whole cauldron full of ideas bubbling at the back of my brain, and I'll feel rested and refreshed enough to do those ideas - and my Dear Readers - justice.

So for now, I'll wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and offer my best wishes for the most wonderful New Year. Read you later, guys,

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


I'm so sorry, my lovelies - but I've woken up today with one of my (thankfully rare) sick headaches.

These are horrible in themselves, but it doesn't take much to turn a headache into a migraine, and those are not only agonisingly painful but basically knock me out for up to 24 hours.

Staring at this screen, even with my laptop on the very lowest brightness setting, is driving metaphorical iron spikes right into my corneas. So I've literally just logged on to apologise for not being able to write you your regularly scheduled post today.

Take care, everyone. Read you on Thursday. xx
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